Being a landlord gets to be this good

6-month Accelerator to help guide you to the next level of your business through streamlined systems, proactive planning, and a lifestyle-focused growth & management strategy.


Scaling your rentals to 5-figure months requires you to get ahead of the game…

real talk:

Getting ahead of the game requires you to treat your rentals like a business

… and treating them like a business requires you act in a fundamentally different way than the newbie landlord who got you this far. 

What got you here won't get you there

You can’t grow by delegating

Simplicity scales

There is no 6-figure blueprint

You can’t level up using the same books and podcasts that got your momentum stalled in the first place. Just buying 1 property then buying another isn’t going to get you to financial freedom.

The buck will always stop with you– the owner of the properties. So you gotta know what you’re doing. Only you can set the direction and quality control for your rentals. And once you do delegate, it needs to be done profitably. Money can’t go into everyone’s bank account except yours.

If simplicity isn’t engrained into your systems NOW, it’s not going to happen later - no matter how much rent you bring in. You need to balance your excitement with a crystal-clear plan and resilient, scalable systems that are designed to build the business you’re building now AND the version you want to end up with.

There are no secrets. There is no one right way. You’re better off having all the cards on the table than pigeonholing yourself into a strategy that doesn’t work when you need it to. You gotta create a portfolio that supports your vision - not your coach’s. 

At this stage as a landlord, 

you won’t find freedom pinching pennies out of the same small pot. 

You need to scale through the small stage into a powerful, streamlined portfolio that can actually make your life easier.

staying small IS the problem… 

A 6-month group program and mastermind experience for small landlords who want to take strategic next steps, and accelerate the growth of your rental portfolio towards 6+ figures in income without more anxiety, stress, and hours spent in front of the computer.

This is NOT a course or one-size-fits all roadmap

Landlord Scale School is a customizable, in-depth group coaching program for existing landlords who want to grow a six figure+ portfolio (and still have a life) through expert coaching, support & strategy and a community of peers.

Landlord Scale School is a 6-month program and the investment is $1997 or $397/month

(This is not a monthly membership, this is a 6-month program)


Seven years ago, I had big real estate dreams but was way too busy to get there.

Our family was juggling two W-2 jobs, a newborn, managing about 25 doors and running on fumes. 

It was sexy to *hustle* until our son came around and suddenly doing a 9-5 then pulling a 5-9 wasn't so cute anymore. We were on the fast lane to burnout.

We were aimlessly scaling our portfolio and all we had to show for it was 2 lawsuits, sleepless nights (and not just from the baby), and rental income that felt anything but consistent. It felt like life was easier before we became landlords.

Becoming a parent made us realize our real estate had to fit our lives - not the other way around.  

been there. scaled through that.

Now, after 2 kids and adding over 90 more doors to our portfolio... our life is easier.

I want you to skip the growing pains

As a mentor, podcast host, and leader -- with thousands of successful students living their lives and running rental portfolios that they LOVE - I light up when I get to work closely with YOU to uncover the oversights and opportunities that will get you closer to your financial freedom goals. 

When we stopped treating our rentals like a hobby and began treating it like a business. Our bandwidth expanded and our growth exploded.

By scaling through the small stage, we were able to create a self-managed portfolio that generates multiple 6-figures/year, leave our jobs, and travel internationally for weeks on end before the age of 30.   

We do this through...

Get instant access to extensive step-by-step trainings to help you structure, plan, strategize, organize, and optimize your operations, systems & processions, 

extensive step-by-step training

Optimize your systems and processes to support your future goals, current lifestyle, and 


Get access to monthly live trainings, hot seats, and planning sessions


Coaching, Community, & Support

bi-monthly mastermind

Get personalized feedback and actionable strategies you can implement in hot-seats with Bonnie. In the second session, plan out your action steps for the next month. 

Monthly masterclass

Private, advanced-level training and Q&As with Bonnie or another industry expert. Whether its financing strategy, tax tips, or systems you'll have access to top-shelf, innovative, & up-to-date info to help you level up.

Weekly coworking

Want to work on the back end of your investing biz with other landlords doing the same? Curl up on the couch, throw your hair in a top knot, and co-work with us every Monday

Create your proactive management system

The Game Plan

Identify and put a stop to the issues that are costing you time and money NOW 

Day 1

Day 14

the results you're going to get:

Optimize your operations to shave off time dealing with your rentals

Day 45

Create your financing flywheel to fund your next deals.

Day 60

Offload to accelerate your growth

Day 90

You have at least 1 rental property

YOu WANT TO have more of the freedom that was *supposed* to come with rentals

You're so tired playing property management whack-a-mole

You're overwhelmed by the thought of growing your rental portfolio

You need to finally make time to treat your rental biz like a biz

Landlord Scale School IS for you if:

you feel like you already have all the answers.

You’re not an action taker, you want results to just… happen. 

You’re comfortable using questionably legal tactics

You aren’t PASSIONATE about building your rental portfolio

You don’t have any rental properties. 

Landlord Scale School is NOT for you if:

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*Landlord Scale School is a 6-month program and not a monthly membership.

$997 or $364/month*

is that a yes?