in this live interactive workshop, you'll learN:

✔️ Why beginner investing advice actually holds you back from scaling
✔️ What you need to do to create a portfolio that isn't more work (or headache) than your 9-5
✔️ Why a small rental portfolio is unsustainable
✔️ The 4 Step Process to scale a secure and streamlined rental portfolio

I'm Bonnie Galam, 7-figure self-managing landlord, mom of 2 pre-schoolers, semi-retired real estate lawyer, and founder of Bonnie Galam LLC, where I help other busy landlords scale up to 5-figure months in 5 hours/week or less through my program Landlord Scale School. 

In this training, I'll teach you how to create an easy-to-implement growth strategy, stop playing whack-a-mole with your properties, and confidently scale your rentals knowing you're not making life harder for yourself.

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🛑 STOP trying to convince yourself that you don't *need* a bigger portfolio just because you don't have the time

Ready to create a rental portfolio that finally makes your life easier?