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  • Scale to 5-figure months while working an average 5 hours/week or less
  • Create systems, processes, and teams and be able to step away from their rentals
  • Increase profits from their existing properties

I Help Landlords Create Secure & Streamlined Rental Portfolios So They Can:


As seen in

Playing whack-a-mole with your properties and with returns that make you wonder if you'd just be better off investing in the stock market. 

After years of winging it, working a 9-5 and then a 9-???, and having nothing but headaches and two lawsuits to show for it....

My rental portfolio now easily brings in multiple 6-figures of income per year. I've traveled abroad for weeks at a time. And my husband and I are both work optional. 


Treating my rentals like a business. Staying focused on 1 asset class. Rinse. Repeat. 

It's the simple I love to teach because it pushes you through the small landlord box and into the time and financial freedom real estate was supposed to give you all along. 

Want to go from "I don't know" to CEO of your rentals?

I've been where you are

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The Best Way to Streamline Your Rental Biz




Good Bones
Real Estate Investing

Helping you build a solid foundation for your rentals every week with:
  • Landlord Case Studies
  • Actionable property management tips
  • Honest transparency of someone with you in the trenches


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Start clearing the mental clutter by heading back to the start. Let's put our ear to the grown on what you *actually* want from your real estate. 'Cause let's call a spade a spade: financial freedom without time freedom is overrated. Let's make lifestyle-driven decisions first.  

01 Where are you going?


Here's my 3-step system:

No "house of cards" portfolios allowed 'round these parts. We believe in not just protecting yourself from legal problems, but preventing them in the first place ~mic drop~. Legal should be part of your growth strategy, not some Debbie downer on your shoulder

02 Build a Solid Foundation


Finally, we dial up the cashflow! We believe in working hard once. That means creating systems and processes and laying on a hefty helping of delegation to keep your time (and your sanity!). Adding new properties, new tenants, and new projects will be so easy you could *almost* do it in your sleep.

03 Wash, Rinse, Repeat


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"As long as I have a good legal foundation, the less I have to worry"


I'll help you increase your bottom line, so you can have more money to invest.... or just do whatever you want

I'm a real estate attorney, self-managing landlord, generational wealth evangelist, self-education obsessed course creator, automation avenger, book worm, Sixers fan, and momma to two tiny hummusapiens. 

I believe that time is the most valuable currency, but money is a close second. I fight against the bad rap landlords get while still pushing the industry to improve. 

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