Sustainable Real Estate Investing

Tikkun Olam is a core Jewish belief and one I hold deeply. At its most simplest understanding, Tikkun Olam means “to repair the world.”

I believe in leaving the world a better place than how I found it and I’ve been blessed to find great professional fulfillment and meaning through my work here at Bonnie Galam LLC because I believe we a small part of a greater movement to 

If our work here can make even a small ripple in spreading the following principles, then I consider it work well done. 

Anything BG LLC makes or does is in service of these 3 core beliefs.

1. Sustainable wealth

our philosophy

3. Sustainable COMMUNITIES

2. Sustainable BUSINESSES

We believe that wealth should not be a flash in the pan. Wealth from real estate should be generational. Your properties shouldn’t be another investor’s estate sale special upon your passing. Your properties shouldn’t be liquidated to pay for your long-term or end-of-life care. Wealth from real estate should also be a vehicle for good. 

We believe that businesses that consume us, ruin us, or ruin our families are not businesses worth pursuing. Real estate can be stressful and it can be time-consuming. We hope to help real estate entrepreneurs like you create businesses that support your life, not control it. We want your real estate to be a blessing not a curse.

We believe that real estate alongside the people who work and live inside of them are at the center of our communities. We believe that taking an active role in the communities we where we invest is not just a good financial investment but the right thing to do. If we small landlords don’t want to be lumped in with the big corporate investors, then we can’t act like them. We are at the backbone of creating a vibrant main street. We believe in seeing our tenants as people before cashflow in all of our decision making. We believe in being vocally anti-slumlord.

Long Term Goals

We will prevent 10,000 evictions in the next ten years (2032) through investors using our eviction alternative templates like cash for keys, payment plans, and mutual termination agreements. 

We will help 1000 investors by 2024 implement offensive asset protection strategies to prevent lawsuits and losses