When it's time for legal, that helps you make bank  

Losing sleep over getting sued -- or being totally unsure about what you need to do to protect yourself - shouldn't be the thing holding you back from growing your real estate portfolio.

Honestly, so long as your legal strategy isn't making you money, it could ALSO be cutting into your bottom line.

Because no, YOUR good intentions aren't enough to protect you.

(Not break it)
That's where I slide in, risky business style with my sunglasses on & laptop in hand

Get Protected, Get  Organized, and Get Some peace of mind

LEGAL for INVESTORS THAT VALUE their time and integrity as much as their money

I flipped the script created my courses because I saw the London Underground  "mind the gap" kind of hole in the legal space:

Hey there!
I'm Bonnie

Full focus planner, cuddles with my adorable children + sexy husband, lemonade, yoga in my basement, and SPF (always!) 

daily rituals

Guesting on podcasts, walking through job sites in inappropriate shoes, making dinner, reading with the windows open


Telling people what they want to hear, Taylor Swift, polished nickel anything


Straight talk, spicy food, short emails, long books, and cutting out the 'busy work' to make room for the important stuff.


Instead of liquidating however, we decided to double down on real estate and I left the government to start a real estate law firm designed for real estate investors in 2018.

Little did I know that my leap of faith into the real estate world full time would lead me to pivot again. Through working with hundreds of investors at my firm, I realized that the law firm model, while necessary, was never going to be the fix real estate investors needed. 

Real estate investors weren't preventing problems by paying lawyers $400/hour. They were figuring it out on their own. The problem was, they didn't know what they were doing so it often ended up on a lawyer's desk.

I didn't always have this business: 100 doors, the legal strategy, the organization, the flexibility, the confidence...

In fact, just a few years ago you could have found me wearing a tailored navy suit, exhausted in my stuffy windowless cubicle. I thought I was following the rules to financial freedom through real estate investing but that dream was slowly turned into a nightmare.

The portfolio was growing but so were my responsibilities as a young, fledgling attorney. Then add the new title "mom" when my son was born and a lawsuit on top and I was ready to liquidate. 

I take a different approach than
most lawyers out there:

No. 1

No. 3

No. 2

I don't keep secrets or strategies to myself: Instead, I aim to have at LEAST 1 free training or tutorial for every topic I'm asked about

I believe financial freedom without time freedom is highly overrated (and smart legal strategy gets you there)

I don't believe in hiring a lawyer everytime you have a legal question: you CAN be your own best advocate given the right tools and training

In March of 2020, our worlds changed and so did my client's legal needs. Evictions were forbidden... Interest rates plunged.... and Transactions got crazier as we entered an incredibly lopsided Seller's market. And Bonnie Galam LLC was born - helping real estate investors manage their properties, get paid, and protect themselves with legal training and DIY templates, contracts, and guides that were easy to use, understandable and dare I say - fun.  

I created this business to empower investors to be their own best advocate and provide the contracts and education they need to run and grow their portfolio on a solid legal foundation.

Maybe you haven't wanted to tackle the "legal stuff" because you're so overwhelmed or confused by the whole thing that you shelved it for another day.

Or maybe you tried talking to a local lawyer and you got sticker shock from the price! Or you didn't have a whole lot of confidence that he understood what you were doing. 

And maybe you just wanted to work with an attorney who would empower and support you with what you need - no deal killing or upselling.

If so, you've definitely come to the right place.

and then something incredible happened

Led Zeppelin


spicy paneer tikka masala


the Wall Street Journal


mint lemonade


whatever my husband picks


The Run Down

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