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Episode 58. When SWAT Shows Up At Your Front Door

It can be frustrating as a landlord when a tenant commits a crime on their property because it’s often not a basis to evict, whereas crimes on the property often are a basis to remove a tenant.

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Episode 55. 5 Ways to Avoid Problem Contractors


Most property owners will breathe a sigh of relief when they hear their insurance is going to foot the bill. However, what happens when the insurance’s “fix” just makes things so much worse?

Episode 50. Insurance backfiring?! with Sheri Curtin


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Love, lies, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of loss. This week’s episode is about the story of a Philadelphia area contractor who befriended investors and their families. Ingratiating himself into their lives with good deeds… sometimes even getting romantically involved before conning them.

Episode 49. The Contractor Tindler Swinder


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