Wanna know what it’s like having a solid legal foundation for your real estate?

Here's what my customers are saying

"The thing about following legal procedures is that if you miss a step, you’ve kind of shot yourself in the foot, and you have to start all over from the beginning. Landlord Law School has helped me stay on top of all the legal things I need to be doing on a continuous basis so that when I do need to go take legal action, I have the grounds to do so."

Lauren Clugston, Rentals to WealthNew Jersey

"I really resonated with Bonnie—she’s a mom and a lawyer and a real estate investor. She’s doing the thing! The more I learned from her in Landlord Law School, the more I was like as long as I have a good legal foundation, the less I have to worry, because I have everything in order. That really helped me, because that was my biggest fear in starting this whole thing: getting sued and putting my family at risk.”

Natasha Esguerra, Natasha TheresaDelaware

The content is relevant and easy to understand. Looking forward to completing the course and start utilizing the templates.”

“We are just getting started going through [Landlord Law School] and are already so impressed!”



"When I first saw your course, I told my husband "this is EXACTLY what we need before we even start." I don't know how to even begin to ask these kinds of questions of attorneys and I don't even know how to find a good one! This is helping me move so much farther along without having to make so many mistakes up front. Mistakes are good but learning from experts to begin with is even better.

Asriel Greendyk, Virginia

"[Before Landlord Law School], it was just information overload honestly. I would watch like one Youtube video, then read an article, and there’d be conflicting information. I felt like I was back at square 1 with information overload, trying to dig through it all. It’s one of those things where having one place to go, and since I’ve worked with Bonnie, I know I can trust the information she’s putting out there, and it’s not one of those things where I’d watch a video or I’d read an article and wonder, “Is this really the best thing for me to do? Can I really trust that this person knows best in this situation?” 

Having that in Landlord Law School and not having to think about it, just consuming the information and not having to overthink it and THEN process it, it was the right thing for me to do. 

Diana Farmen, Diana on a dime